Music Maker Mod – Minecraft Mod

Music Maker Mod is a Minecraft mod that adds music sheets, instruments and other stuff to the game for creating and playing music. Check the showcase video below to see how it works.

If you are interested in making paintings as well, check Joy of Painting, another one of my mods.


Steps for installation:


Music Maker Mod is designed to work efficiently and properly in multiplayer. You can play music with friends without worrying about server lag ruining the rhythm like with note block creations.

Bring your favourite music to Minecraft or create your own masterpiece. Set free your heart and become the musician you aspire to be!

Here is a summary of the features:

Crafting Recipes


Credits to LuchadorMickey for most of the graphics.

Credits to inuyasha01 for the Chinese translation.

Credits to Greyberet for the Spanish translation.

Credits to Ste B for the Italian translation.

Credits to whiteevilbro for the Russian translation.


If you wish to check the code, here is the Github repository: