Joy of Painting – Minecraft Mod

This mod lets you craft a blank canvas and a palette, with which you can paint your own pictures and hang them on a wall like the vanilla paintings. Let your creativity roam free or paint memes and experience the joy of painting.

If you are interested in making music as well, check Music Maker Mod, another one of my mods.



Usage Guide

Crafting Recipes

Crafting a canvas
Crafting long canvas
Crafting tall canvas
Crafting a large canvas

To craft a palette, you need at least one kind of dye:

Crafting a palette

You can fill an existing palette with other dyes later:

Filling a palette

You can copy signed paintings:

Copying a signed painting


If you wish to check the code, here is the Github repository:

Credits to Edgewalker_Blue for providing the Chinese translation.