Using the Warhammer against a gang of zombies

Warhammer is a unique weapon that is used similarly to a bow, despite being a melee weapon. You pull it with the right mouse button, and release it to deal a blow. The damage and knockback are calculated based on the amount of time you pulled it, up to a maximum. It is most useful against melee mobs, as it has a natural knockback component. There are Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite Warhammers. Gold has higher knockback than Diamond since it is very heavy.

The warhammer also has a nice, thick 3D model so that you don’t forget it is in fact a meaty hammer and not a measly axe.

Shaking the earth with a Quake enchanted Warhammer

There are many enchantments that can be applied on the Warhammer. These are:

With the combination of a Diamond Warhammer and the maximum level Uppercut enchantment, the Minecraft Space Program is no longer a dream.

In addition to the special enchantments, Warhammer can be enchanted with Smite, Bane of Arthropods and Looting, as well as Unbreakable and Mending.

Crafting an Iron Warhammer

Crafting an Iron Warhammer