Along with so many baked goods, it would be a shame not to have tea to go with it. But making tea is a delicate process, and XercaMod does its best to represent the details.

First, you have to of course grow a tea plant and harvest its leaves.

Tea seeds drop from grass in the same way as the vanilla seeds.

Tea seeds drop from grass in the same way as the vanilla seeds.

Then you need to oxidize them in a furnace, because we are not making green tea here.

Next step is to make a teapot and tea cups from clay, because what else are you going to drink it in?

Then you need to fill in the teapot with dried tea leaves and water. How many leaves you put in determines how many cups of tea you will have.

Then you can actually start brewing the tea.

Finally you can pour some hot tea for yourself and your visitors. You can do this via crafting, or by placing the teapot on the ground and right-clicking it with empty teacups. Tea will remain brewed in the teapot until all the charges are emptied.

Unfortunately, the journey doesn’t end here for some people, as they may prefer sugar to go with their tea.

Sugared tea will also fill up some hunger points thanks to its calories. It is not allowed to put more than 6 sugars in a cup of tea, as that would be inhuman.

As a reward of making it this far and thanks to the caffein content, the cup of tea grants the drinker a temporary haste effect to help them work more efficiently!

After having brewed tea, you can place the teapot on the ground as a block. It can be right-clicked with empty teacups for filling and emits steam from its nozzle as long as it has tea left. The more tea it contains, the more steam comes out.