Crafting a knife

Crafting a knife

Don’t let its simple appearance fool you, as Knife is the most versatile item in XercaMod. It is extensively used in crafting such as for slicing tomatoes, potatoes and breads, grinding various meats and carving wood, also as part of the Grab Hook. When used in recipes as a tool, it loses durability due to dulling of its edge.

In addition to crafting, it can be used in combat as well. Used normally, it does not grant that much damage. However it has some special abilities.

A good combo with the knife is an axe, since axe has a long recovery time but good damage.

Some will remember that Notch had promised dual wielding in Minecraft. A very long time after that, the “off-hand” was added to the game. However, it didn’t bring dual wielding with it. You can’t use weapons with both hands. Unless you have a knife. While holding the knife on your off-hand, you can use it with a right-click to attack with it! While it isn’t doesn’t follow the usual attack mechanics, it goes into a short cooldown on use so you can’t abuse it. This means you can combo the off-hand knife with the weapon of your choosing on your main hand.

A stab in the back

Another combat ability of the knife is the Sneak Attack. You can stab your opponent in the back while sneaking to get a sneak attack. It deals a good amount of bonus damage.

There are two special enchantments that can be applied on the Knife:

In addition to the special enchantments, Knife can be enchanted with Sharpness and Looting, as well as Unbreakable and Mending.