Grab Hook

Grab Hook grabbing a Cow

This is an item used to “grab” entities from a distance and pull them near you. Once you use it, a hook flies out straight towards the point you are targeting and if it touches an entity, friend or foe, it causes damage and pulls them next to you. If it doesn’t touch anything, it retracts by itself. It is especially useful when fighting ranged enemies and quite fun to have a free-for-all battle with a bunch of grab hook users!

Using the Grappling enchantment to scale a mountain

There are three special enchantments that can be applied on the Grab hook: * Grappling: Allows you to use Grab hook as a grappling hook! When it has grappling, the hook can be used to catch a block and pull the user towards it in a reverse fashion to its normal use. It is very fun to explore mountains with this tool, but also dangerous as a bad aim can result in you falling down the cliff you just flew up to. * Turbo: Increases the speed and travel distance of the hook. * Gentle Grab: Removes the damage component which is normally applied on hit, making it a useful tool for peacefully relocating mobs.

Grab hook is changed on version 1.15.2-2.2 to be used by pulling similar to a Bow

It is crafted using a fishing rod and a knife

It is crafted using a fishing rod and a knife